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Both companies – FROST Barbara Wegenke (with the manufacturing plant in Jarogniewice) and FROST II Limited Liability Limited Partnership (with the manufacturing plant in Ponętów Górny Pierwszy), deal with the production of frozen vegetables and fruit. This production in both plants includes: frozen onion, zucchini and pumpkin.

Frozen onion represents 90 % of our production, is available throughout the year and we can boldly call it our flagship product.

We can offer you a wide variety of packaging possibilities.

In August 2008 the plant in Jarogniewice was equipped with the latest generation on weighting and packaging line, which consists of:

  • Weight-packer MEGA to pack frozen food in sacks or cartons from 5 to 25kg
  • Weight-packing Line VEGATRONIC 4000 produced by ILAPAK with 14 head combination Ishida scales. The weighting quality is controlled by trespassing controlling scales, which eliminate packaging of wrong weight

The newly built manufacturing plant in Ponętów Górny Pierwszy was also equipped with:

  • Weight-packer MEGA to pack frozen food in sacks or cartons from 5 to 25kg

In both factories all products are placed on pallets by robots. (1)

High production capability results from the overhauling investment, the development and retrofit of the cooling installation in production plant in Jarogniewice, as well as from the same machines bought for the newly established facility in Ponętów Górny Pierwszy.

The production capacity of 5 tons of frozen product per hour in both factories is ensured by two high-tech FRIGOSCANDIA freezing tunnels, which makes us the country’s largest producer of frozen onion.

(1) : robot for stacking cartons and sacks on pallets.