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Quality policy

The most important objective of FROST Barbara Wegenke, as well as FROST II Limited Liability Limited Partnership is to produce our goods in accordance with the European standards, which meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Modern technological and technical solutions and highly qualified personnel result in the production of the highest quality products targeted at international and local markets.

We promote and use wide cooperation with our suppliers. We solve all the issues together and clarify the possible discrepancies, aiming at meeting high requirements of our customers.

Most of all, we take care of the healthcare quality of the production, so that our products were safe and satisfied the relevant legal requirements and the production did not degrade the natural environment resources.

We use a system of regular training and raising qualifications and employees awareness of quality management. And through the individual responsibility of an employee we aim to maximize the involvement of all employees in the quality assurance system.

The owner of the FROST company has defined the quality policy of the company and directly manages the phases of preparation, implementation and functioning of the Integrated Management System based on the PN-EN ISO 9001 i PN-EN ISO 22000 norms. The actions undertaken so far have resulted in the increasing level of work quality of the FROST company and has been confirmed with the annually renewable certificates IFS version 6 and BRC version 6 obtained in November 2008.

In the FROST II Limited Liability Limited Partnership, the Integrated Management System has been already implemented and after half a year of being active, according to existing rules, it will be certified.

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